Ethan Cope, Briefly

Hi! I’m Ethan Cope; an electricity enthusiast, one-time mixing engineer, and occasional blogger.

I currently live in Santa Clara, CA, where I work for a company famous for their ubiquitous graphing calculators.

This site is intended to capture the some of my side-projects that would otherwise be lost to the sands of time. Most of these projects lie somewhere on the broad spectrum of engineering, but you’ll also run into a few album reviews and short-form essays to spice things up!

Why am I documenting my projects in excruciating detail? Well, blogs like these are how I got into audio electronics! I picked up electric guitar, I never thought I’d understand the dark sorcery of audio electronics. But sites like Coda Effects, Proto-Schlock, and the Wampler blog showed me projects that showed me just how accessible tinkering with chips really is. I’d love this site to be for others what the above blogs were for me.

Thanks for coming here, and Happy Debugging!